The B2 Group is built on a company-wide ethos of delivering nothing less than a blue-chip service to each and every customer. - Phil Boland, CEO, The B2 Group

The B2 Group is an innovative software and services provider, specialising in the Payments, FX and funds markets across the globe. The team have over 30 years of experience and expertise working with Banks, Brokers, Corporates, Transfer Agents, Platforms and Distributors in these markets.

The products and services offered by The B2 Group are based on industry tried and tested technology, support industry standards, our customer experiences are very positive, our channel partners are well known and highly respected. Our customers realise important benefits including rapid time-to-market, flexible functionality and easily-customised solutions designed to meet their specific business needs.

At The B2 Group, we take pride in delivering your projects, on time and within budget with the support of a first class customer service team. We understand the demanding environments in which our customers operate and the need for a reliable, dynamic and industry expert software and services provider is essential to their organisation's success.

Our proudest example of reliability is that we have never lost a single transaction message. Nothing less than 100% success is our goal. - Marc Binck, CTO, The B2 Group

The B2 Group's customers enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing their data is protected by the uniquely super-secure, "Hi-Availability" data centres in Luxembourg. These data centres will stand up to the most stringent of testing and customers can be safe in the knowledge that The B2 Group never compromise on the security of their data.

We invite you to read our "History of The B2 Group" which further demonstrates how we have evolved into an organisation that is perfectly placed to assist you.