Meddah was involved in the first financial messaging solution deployed by AB Prodata after it's founding by Phil and Marc, involving automated payments processing between State Street and its paying agent bank, Bank of America, and thus began a long business relationship between Meddah, Phil and Marc. Meddah joined AB Prodata in 2005 and subsequently stayed with Bravura Solutions after it acquired AB, during which time he deployed innovative solutions for funds industry players, including the first hosted automatic order processing link between Clearstream's Vestima and Euroclear's EMX order management platforms.

Meddah joined The B2 Group at its inception, and for the past four years has been exclusively involved in the design and deployment of such systems, working directly for software and services companies within the financial community. His particular strengths are in the practical deployment of solutions for messaging and workflow, especially related to Investment Funds order processing and payments, and in this capacity, Meddah has implemented software at many of the world's major banks, in both Europe and North America.

Meddah is French and lives in Algrange, Northern Lorraine.