For the Distributor, Asset Manager, Third-Party Administrator or Platform looking to automate order and payments processing, or outsource its Transfer Agency system, The B2 Group offers a variety of solutions based upon its award winning Multi-Bank Integrator service.

Unrivalled experience
The B2 Group's team has an unparalleled track record in funds automation, and prior to building the Multi-Bank Integrator, was responsible for a number of key innovations in the sector, including:

  • Design and build of Clearstream's Vestima STP order management platform
  • Design and build of Bravura Solutions' Babel Integrator STP funds messaging platform
  • Adaptation of the first SWIFT messages for funds order processing (MT502, MT509, MT513 and MT515)
  • Assistance with the ISO20022 funds message standards
  • Design and build of the first European DTCC (NSCC) platform interface product for offshore US mutual trading.

World-Class automated funds processing solutions
Building on this experience, and utilising the industry proven Multi-Bank Integrator platform as a foundation, The B2 Group has developed a suite of software products suited to the different institutions involved in the funds sector, including:

  • Platform/Market Adaptors, for out-of-the-box integration with platforms where The B2 Group has in depth knowledge, such as Canadian FUNDServ, Clearstream, Euroclear, NSCC and various local regulators
  • Transfer Agency System Adaptors for the majority of in-house and third-party TA platforms on the market today
  • STP Messaging Adaptors, utilising SWIFT MTX, ISO20022, FIX or proprietary formats, either directly or via transaction networks
  • Multi-Media Gateway Adaptor, for automated processing of incoming orders and outgoing confirmations or statements using 'non-structures data files' such as Word documents, PDF or Excel spreadsheets.

Payments processing for funds companies made simple
Bringing together extensive electronic channel banking payments expertise and funds STP experience, The B2 Group has developed the PayEX Processor - Funds Variant. Adapted from The B2 Group's market leading PayEX banking integration platform, the ' Funds Variant' offers automated, seamless payments processing between Transfer Agents and their Paying Agent banks.

Accessible anywhere

Access to the Multi-Bank dashboard and transaction (order management and payments) control functions is via the secure B2 Real-Time Console portal, which can be viewed from most devices, including laptop's, tablet's and Smartphones (Android or iPhones). Log in is secure, using an app to generate one-time entry codes that lapse after a short period of time.

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use
All of The B2 Group's software products, including Multi-Bank and PayEX can be run on-site by the client or on a fully hosted Software as a Service ('SaaS') basis at The B2 Group's secure, hi-availability data centres in Luxembourg.

Outsourced Transfer Agency Systems
And for Administrators wishing to enjoy the benefits of world-class IT infrastructure and business applications without the associated costs and oversight effort of running in-house, The B2 Group also offers a fully hosted service for the MultiFonds Transfer Agency Platform integrated with the Multi-Bank platform to provide a flexible, cost effective, outsourced oneĀ­ stop shop for all TA processing and STP messaging needs.

Access to B2's unique expertise
B2 Expert Advisory Services for Fund Companies, Platforms and Administrators requiring specialist assistance, particularly in technology and STP related efficiencies. The B2 Group also offers advice to Distributors, Platforms, Fund Companies and Administrators wishing to establish within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.