Hello everyone and welcome to my latest blog. I was sitting in the Kent sunshine over a long bank holiday weekend and began to ruefully reflect upon some of the latest news in the media .The horrific events in Manchester were still at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts and with the threat of further events still at a critical level, as I was planning to make my way to the rugby final at Twickenham in the afternoon. A belated birthday present from my Sons! However things move quickly and the UK general election campaign began in earnest again.

Q & A with Bill Wrest, Director, Strategy and Business Development

In the first of our new Blog sessions, Bill Wrest looks at how PSD2 measures up in terms of influencing the way we may conduct our banking and use our data in the future.

We live in a modern era which poses data and security challenges which we have never experienced before. Fraud is not new-in fact, it is debatable that fraud can date its way back to the barter system- we just put the word "Cyber" in front of it because it is scary and has a bit of unknown futuristic sci-fi element to it. As payments mechanisms evolved over time from cheques, through to Chip and PIN technology, internet settlement systems, mobile phone/app generated banking -fraud has evolved alongside and at times outpaced the technology and the regulatory controls.