The B2 Group will be at Eurofinance next week in Barcelona from 4th-6th October. Come and join us if you can, we would love to see you there. If you can’t here is a little sneak preview of something we have been working on that really excites us-


Just imagine being totally integrated and file agnostic -with your Treasury Management System, your ERP and all your banks and subsidiaries anywhere in the world. All available through ONE portal-but now also available on your mobile phone. You could be at a conference or in an airport with the clock ticking towards cut -off times (it will warn you). The ability to release payments securely and make informed cash management and working capital decisions from anywhere-all your bank statements and payments through one portal and from your phone application anytime, anywhere.

It’s your data make it work for you,

I heard a quote not so long ago -data is like a rock band in a hotel room. Without strong management, it is likely to trash the room! Shows my age but I love the analogy -own your data and make it work for you, as quickly as you want it to and without a myriad of separate reporting systems formats and file dependencies. 

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