B2 Group was delighted to attend the annual ACT Conference held in Liverpool last week. Our stand at the conference is pictured above (hosted by myself and B2’s Rima Jalil).

Titled “Stronger Influence and Smarter Innovation“, and with the emphasis on “cutting through the noise”, the idea of the conference was to empower corporate treasurers with the technology and the solutions they need. Day one focused on topics such as real-time payments and future-proofing cash management, while day two featured pieces on PSD2 and Open Banking, plus a section on treasury innovation. For me, it is good to see conferences and participants focussing on the issues and looking for the positives to be taken from them. It fascinates me that, despite being challenges to banks and corporates for many years, automated integration and format-agnostic file processing still remain relevant issues today - can we rely on PSD2 and open architecture to be the panacea everyone hopes for? We were busy at our stand as corporate treasurers wanted to know more about integrated solutions, but the biggest question was “I’ve got twenty banks and twenty tokens to sign me in every day and I can’t consolidate my reporting or payments, can you help me?” Perfect question for us really, and again, you would think with technology moving as fast-paced as it currently is, this would not be an issue - but it is - it’s a big one and it is not going to be solved anytime soon by an individual relationship bank. The answer is in collaboration with the right partner to achieve the optimal solution. It is important also that the FINTECH partner has a demonstrable track record, over time and particularly with your preferred banking partners, for this to be effective.

I would be delighted to hear from you, and I would be particularly keen to hear about your problems - whether multi-bank integration, reporting and payments or connectivity to ERP/TMS systems or any other file and treasury related integration issues you may have. In analogous terms we just want to help you “join the dots” integration-wise. As ever, I can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.