The B2 Group offers a suite of products and services which are core to the solutions used in the FX , investment fund and payments industry today. All products are based on proven technology, have been rigorously tested and are now used by banks, brokers, corporates, Transform Agents, industry platforms and distributors. Core to the solution is The B2 Group's GTS (Global Transaction Service) platform.

Our "Hi-availability data centres", one above ground and one below ground, provide The B2 Group customers with peace-of-mind in terms of security and resilience.

The team at The B2 Group are a highly trained and experienced group of industry and technology experts, with more than 30 years of experience.

The solutions provided are recognised by customers to be invaluable in terms of maximising IT budgets as well as assisting with the design of business critical systems and managing the implementation of projects, whether large or small.