Working with B2 means faster realisation of revenue through rapid delivery and cost reductions through operational efficiencies. This is achieved through a combination of attributes that, when combined, make us quite unique…

Original Product
  • The B2 Group builds and deploys original software in the area of financial messaging and integration
  • We are therefore different from the many FinTech companies that resell solutions, offer pure infrastructure (e.g. service bureaus) or provide bespoke development services
  • This is our software, our intellectual property, and entirely under our control.
  • Multi-Bank is a world-class software platform designed from ground up to handle banking integration.

This all means we can deliver exactly what you want faster. We can customise our platform to your specific needs and prioritise our delivery to your schedules.

Expertise in Your Business
  • Our team learnt their trade working at banks, asset managers and clearing houses
  • Banking and platform integration is a core area of B2’s competence
  • Cash and treasury automation is a speciality at B2
  • We have substantial experience in asset management automation
  • Our knowledge of financial message formats and systems integration is second to none.

Our clients benefit because we are experts, not generalists.

Flexible Service
  • Our hosted service in Luxembourg offers the highest levels of resilience and importantly for today’s market, security
  • Our wide community of partner banks, knowledge of in country systems and international connectivity provides the necessary world-wide coverage
  • Our products are also easy to run on-site in the clients’ data centres as an alternative to our hosted service
  • Multi-Bank integrates with most third-party systems, minimising the need for additional IT development at the client site.

We work the way you work.

Delivery Focus
  • We have a long and demonstrable track record of success, spanning two decades
  • We have learned along the way and tailored our project management and system development lifecycle processes accordingly
  • Clients find our personal contacts at banks and platforms invaluable
  • We pride ourselves on customer focus, with the entire B2 team placing clients’ wellbeing as their first priority
  • Clients enjoy direct access to senior B2 executives at all times
  • We offer multi-lingual support up to 24/7 in any geographical region.

Our philosophy of ‘total support’ means just that.